How UBS Sent Millions to the Clintons After Hillary Saved the Mega Bank While Secretary of State


Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg, byMichael Krieger

A few weeks after Hillary Clinton was sworn in as secretary of state in early 2009, she was summoned to Geneva by her Swiss counterpart to discuss an urgent matter. The Internal Revenue Service was suing UBS AG to get the identities of Americans with secret accounts.

If the case proceeded, Switzerland’s largest bank would face an impossible choice: Violate Swiss secrecy laws by handing over the names, or refuse and face criminal charges in U.S. federal court.

Within months, Mrs. Clinton announced a tentative legal settlement—an unusual intervention by the top U.S. diplomat. UBS ultimately turned over information on 4,450 accounts, a fraction of the 52,000 sought by the IRS, an outcome that drew criticism from some lawmakers who wanted a more extensive crackdown.

From that point on, UBS’s engagement with the Clinton family’s charitable organization increased. Total donations by UBS to the Clinton…

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Ultimate Proof The U.S. Dollar Is Worthless


Source: Bullion Bulls, by Jeff Nielson

The United States is bankrupt. This is a simple statement of fact. With a relatively puny GDP of (supposedly) $17 trillion; this Deadbeat Debtor already has debts and liabilities exceeding $200 trillion. In the corporate world; such obvious/hopeless insolvency would necessitate an immediate “restructuring” meaning either a complete liquidation of the entity itself, or massive write-downs on its debts.

Yet utter the statement above to a Defender of the U.S. economy, and one will always get the same reply. “The United States can never be bankrupted (no matter how large its debts), because with its printing press it can print-up enough dollars to ‘pay’ its debts.”

There is an enormous, logical fallacy in that assertion. It is the fact that very people understand this logical fallacy which is the only reason that the (worthless) U.S. dollar does not already have…

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Should Believers Stay Silent About Their Beliefs?

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

John Lenoxx debates Christopher Hitchens John Lenoxx debates Christopher Hitchens

This is part of the weekly ‘ask an atheist’ portion (every Friday) of this blog and our question this week comes from Wally Fry. You can find his blog by clicking the link. Why not shoot on over and say hello, and if you have a question, please leave it in the comment section below. Don’t be shy. I don’t bite…much.

So Wally asks:

A statement first. Other than teaching other believers my only goal in blogging is to reach those who don’t believe. I am out to proselytize, which I do with no apology. Some non believers have a huge issue with that and believe believers should be completely silent about their faith. Why is that such a big deal among some. It may be hard for you to answer that, as you don’t seem to be that “some.” Maybe the question is…

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Nowadays, Health Insurance Isn’t Really Insurance


Source: The Daily Bell, by Mises Institute

Due to Obamacare, my health plan has become something other than insurance. It is now, for the most part, nothing other than a wealth transfer scheme to benefit the politically connected over others.

In order to identify the difference between health insurance and government-mandated health care coverage, we can look to Human Action, in which Ludwig von Mises splits probability into class probability and case probability:

Class probability means: We know or assume to know, with regard to the problem concerned, everything about the behavior of a whole class of events or phenomena; but about the actual singular events or phenomena we know nothing but that they are elements of this class.

Case probability means: We know, with regard to a particular event, some of the factors which determine its outcome; but there are other determining factors about which we…

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