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Should Believers Stay Silent About Their Beliefs?

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John Lenoxx debates Christopher Hitchens John Lenoxx debates Christopher Hitchens

This is part of the weekly ‘ask an atheist’ portion (every Friday) of this blog and our question this week comes from Wally Fry. You can find his blog by clicking the link. Why not shoot on over and say hello, and if you have a question, please leave it in the comment section below. Don’t be shy. I don’t bite…much.

So Wally asks:

A statement first. Other than teaching other believers my only goal in blogging is to reach those who don’t believe. I am out to proselytize, which I do with no apology. Some non believers have a huge issue with that and believe believers should be completely silent about their faith. Why is that such a big deal among some. It may be hard for you to answer that, as you don’t seem to be that “some.” Maybe the question is…

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