MUSLIM “Refugees” Throw Rocks And Shout Allahu Akbar At Border… What Police Do Next Has Liberals Outraged

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Ah yes the ‘refugee crisis’ (terrorist infiltration) is going full speed ahead in Europe and America. This is a fabricated disaster designed by the elites, including our very own Hussein Obama to enable the Jihadist terrorists to enter countries and turn the entire world into a MUSLIM HELL HOLE.

Anyone with a brain knows this. Liberals are buying into this crap hook, line and sinker. But, if you look at the pictures and videos all you really see are men dressed in designer clothes with expensive cell phones and iPods. There are hardly ANY women or children lol, it’s such a joke.

Hungary declared a state of emergency yesterday. The simply can’t take anymore of these people. They swiftly constructed additional border fences (something the most powerful country in the world won’t do) to keep these people OUT! Now these…

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