Game Over: Dark Days Ahead – Economic Literacy 101 – Bank Of America Prepares For BIG LAYOFFS

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Game Over: Dark Days Ahead

dark days ahead

 Steve Quayle "... it is here".

Steve Quayle “… it is here”.

Steve Quayle, appeared on my show last month and proclaimed in one sentence what is becoming the mantra for many in the Independent Media: “When we talk about what is coming, is no longer coming, it is here“.  When one looks at the economic reports and the prospect of World War III breaking out at any moment, truer words were never spoken.

The Most Recent Stock Market Report

Over 93% of investors lost money in the month of January. This figure was derived from data shared exclusively with CNNMoney by Openfolio, which is an app that follows individual investment portfolios and how they compare with other investors.

Behind the mounting fears about the crash in oil pricesand turbulence in China dominated the stock market in January. Incredibly, the Dow lost 5.5% of its value, the index’s deepest monthly drop…

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VIDEO Rapefugees Coming To A City Near You – FBI Scrubs Muslim – Europe Collapsing – Germany Lost 130,000 Migrants

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“I’ll Be Right There Big Brother” Classified Military Transcripts Leaked To Media Prove Link Between ISIS And Turkey

  • FBI Scrubs References to Islam from Anti-Radicalization Game After CAIR Complaints



Feb 26, 2016 by Tony Perkins

Apparently, it wasn’t enough to invite terrorists into America as part of an unvetted refugee pool. Now the president wants to fly them here personally as part of his stubborn plan to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay. The Cuban facility has been a target of the president’s since his initial campaign in 2008, and he’s tried for more than seven years – unsuccessfully — to persuade Congress of the idea’s merits.

Unfortunately for him, Democrats and Republicans have been so overwhelmingly opposed to the idea that they passed a law in 2011 banning the transfer of Gitmo prisoners to U.S. soil. But the…

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Economic Recovery? 13 Of Biggest Retailers In USA Closing Down Stores – Treasury Sec: No Crisis

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Economic Recovery? 13 Of The Biggest Retailers In America Are Closing Down Stores

Feb 25, 2016 by Michael Snyder

Closed Sign - Photo by JamesAlan1986Barack Obama recently stated that anyone that is claiming that America’s economy is in decline is “peddling fiction“.  Well, if the economy is in such great shape, why are major retailers shutting down hundreds of stores all over the country?  Last month, I wrote about the “retail apocalypse” that is sweeping the nation, but since then it has gotten even worse.  Closing stores has become the “hot new trend” in the retail world, and “space available” signs are going up in mall windows all over the United States.  Barack Obama can continue huffing and puffing about how well the middle class is doing all he wants, but the truth is that the cold, hard numbers that retailers are reporting tell an entirely different story.

Earlier today, Sears…

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