NYPD Commissioner: Americans With Guns Bigger Threat Than Terrorism


From Truth Revolt, by Caleb Howe

There’s a memorial in NYC that disagrees.

On CNN this week, New York Police Department Commissioner William Bratton was discussing terrorism and Donald Trump, and after watching a clip host Don Lemon played featuring Trump saying that Americans are under threat from foreign terrorists coming in to this country, Bratton responded that Americans and guns are the biggest problem we face.

This kind of ridiculous statement, that Americans are more of a threat to Americans than terrorists are is offensive on many fronts, but is especially grotesque from the top cop in the city that is now home to a somber memorial at Ground Zero.

Terrorism, both domestic and foreign-born, has nothing to do with the availability of guns. The notion that the Second Amendment enables terror of any kind is demonstrably false — because that is what he is saying: not that we face a threat…

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VIDEO Former Beauty Queen Emotionally Thanks Trump – CNN Instantly Cuts to Commercial After Black Trump Fan Says This 1 Thing

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CNN Instantly Cuts to Commercial After Black Trump Fan Says This 1 Thing

trump promote women

Mar 29, 2016

One of the major joys of Donald Trump’s campaign is watching the mainstream media — especially CNN — go absolutely bananas when anything contradicts the narrative they’re weaving. This is especially true when it comes to minority supporters of Trump.

The latest example of what the media will do to silence black supporters of Trump came on Friday, when CNN host Don Lemon was interviewing Omarosa Manigault — a famous contestant on “The Apprentice” and a supporter of Donald Trump — and Kellyanne Conway, president of one of the political action committees supporting Ted Cruz.

Lemon was all set for a bit of finger-wagging at Omarosa for the ongoing Twitter war between Cruz and Trumpover their wives, as well as her support forTrump. However, Omarosa wasn’t going to take the bait.

After Lemon called the…

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The Difference Between Capitalism & Communism (Explained To President Obama)


Source: Zero Hedge

As President Obama explained in his Townhall in Cuba…

To make a broader point, so often in the past there’s been a sharp division between left and right, between capitalist and communist or socialist. And especially in the Americas, that’s been a big debate, right? Oh, you know, you’re a capitalist Yankee dog, and oh, you know, you’re some crazy communist that’s going to take away everybody’s property. And I mean, those are interesting intellectual arguments, but I think for your generation, you should be practical and just choose from what works. You don’t have to worry about whether it neatly fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory — you should just decide what works.

And I said this to President Castro in Cuba. I said, look, you’ve made great progress in educating young people. Every child in Cuba gets a basic education — that’s a huge…

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Yazidi Girl Bought and Sold As ISIS Sex Slave Eight Times Shares Horrific Experience: ‘I Asked God to Kill Me’

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In its English propaganda publication,
In its English propaganda publication, “Dabiq,” ISIS sought to justify its treatment of females, saying it is permissible under early Islamic law to capture and forcibly make “heretical” women sexual slaves. Photo Credit: Reuters
Mar 24, 2016 By Leah Marieann Klett

A young Yazidi woman who escaped ISIS captivity after being sold as a sex slave numerous times has revealed that the acts committed against her were so horrific, she repeatedly begged God to kill her.

Now 20, Khalida was kidnapped by Islamic State militants in 2014 when she and her family were denounced as “unbelievers” by former neighbours as they tried to flee their hometown of Sinjar after it had been overrun by ISIS fighters.

“Our neighbours, who are Muslims, said they would protect us, but when we were stopped at a checkpoint one of them pointed us out to the foreign [ISIS] fighters and said we were Yazidi…

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CIA’s Latest Themed Revolution: The Yellow Duck Revolution in Brazil


Source: The News Doctors, by Wayne Madsen

The latest themed revolution concocted by the Central Intelligence Agency’s “soft power” agents in the Brazilian federal and state legislatures, corporate media, and courts and prosecutors’ offices – all spurred on with the financial help of George Soros’s nongovernmental organizations – is the “Yellow Duck Revolution”.

Large inflatable yellow ducks – said to represent the economic “quackery” of President Dilma Rousseff and her Workers’ Party government – have appeared at US-financed street demonstrations in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo. The main coordinators of these protests are found in Brazil’s largest corporate federations and corporate-owned media conglomerates and all of them have links to domestic non-profit organizations like Vem Pra Rua (To the Street) – a typical Soros appellation – and Free Brazil Movement, in turn funded by the usual suspects of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), US Agency for…

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