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What happens when Twin Falls Idaho, a yogurt company, Obama, Clinton, and a sexual assault intersect?

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Why are these”refugees” from terror ridden countries arriving at a particular destination? In this case Twin Falls Idaho? What happens when a yogurt company with a Muslim owner, the Obamas, the Clintons and a U.S. Attorney intersect with a sexual assault of a child? Here is the tale.

The sexual assault case in Twin Falls Idaho is not getting the attention it deserves. Why is the U.S. Attorney threatening the citizens if they don’t accept a barbaric sexual assault on a special needs chid? How about someone who is a major contributor to the Clinton money machine, who happens to be a Muslim, makes Chobani yogurt in Twin Falls and who has a hankering for bringing in hundreds of these barbarians as worker bees as being one of the factoids playing into this grade “b” movie plot?

First from Adrienne’s blog:

Citizens of Idaho threatened…

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