VIDEO Christian Fights ISIS Slaughtered By MB Obama backed Turkish Soldiers

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Christian Man Picks Up A Machine Gun And Starts Fighting ISIS, In The Middle Of An Intense Battle, Turkish Soldiers, Supported By The Obama Administration, Slaughter The Christian Soldier, He Is Now A Martyr For Jesus Christ

 The photo below shows the type of casualties from the U.S. backed Euphrates Shield that Turkey is conducting in Syria, to supposedly fight ISIS. Instead of ISIS casualties, the posters and captions from the ground reveal (as we warned will happen) that it is Christians who are dying, not ISIS. Below is Assyrian Christian, seasoned fighter, named Basil Talia, carried his weapon to fight ISIS to only fall in battle, martyred, murdered by the Turks who are sweeping into northern Syria under the blessing of Obama’s sidekick, Joe Biden.
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Christian fighters always make sure they get a blessing before heading into battle against ISIS

Eventually (when its too late)…

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VIDEO Margaret Sanger…is NOT a Heroine nor a role model – Soros Gave $1.5 Mil to Cover Up Planned Parenthood Scandal

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Margaret Sanger…is NOT a Heroine nor a role model, all you sweet young girls who have no clue who you are idolizing.

August 6, 2016 


Margaret Louise Sanger (1879 – 1966) was a birth control, population control, and eugenics activist. She changed the world, but for the worse.

By 1911, Sanger had moved to New York City, where she became heavily influenced by anarchist, socialist, and labor activists. She began joining and participating in radical groups and causes.

In March 1914, Sanger published the first issue of her own paper, The Woman Rebel. Along with providing information about birth control, Sanger wholeheartedly supported the use of violence to achieve political, economic, and social goals. Case in point, theLexington Avenue bombing. On July 4th of that year, a bomb accidentally exploded in a Harlem apartment, killing three men and one woman. The three men were planning to…

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VIDEO “KKK Members” In Hillary’s Attack Ad, PAID ACTORS – Show This To A Dem So They Can See What They Support

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Show This To A Democrat So They Can See What They Are Voting For

Aug 26, 2016 by Dave Hodges

hillary defends rapisthillary defends rapist 2

An attorney in 1975 uses some dirty tricks to get a child rapist off for raping a 12 year old girl. And the lawyer is none other than….

Show this to a Democrat and they will never vote for Hilary

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Report: All Of The “KKK Members” In Hillary Clinton’s New Trump Attack Ad Are PAID ACTORS

Aug 26, 2016 by Mac Slavo

clinton-altrightHillary Clinton would like people to think that if you are reading this you are considered “alt-right,” and thus associate with the Ku Klux Klan and other racially divisive groups. She made this point very clear in a speech in Reno, Nevada this week. You, and the other 50 million Americans who refuse to support her candidacy, if you show any signs of supporting Donald Trump’s…

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