VIDEO Christian Fights ISIS Slaughtered By MB Obama backed Turkish Soldiers

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Christian Man Picks Up A Machine Gun And Starts Fighting ISIS, In The Middle Of An Intense Battle, Turkish Soldiers, Supported By The Obama Administration, Slaughter The Christian Soldier, He Is Now A Martyr For Jesus Christ

 The photo below shows the type of casualties from the U.S. backed Euphrates Shield that Turkey is conducting in Syria, to supposedly fight ISIS. Instead of ISIS casualties, the posters and captions from the ground reveal (as we warned will happen) that it is Christians who are dying, not ISIS. Below is Assyrian Christian, seasoned fighter, named Basil Talia, carried his weapon to fight ISIS to only fall in battle, martyred, murdered by the Turks who are sweeping into northern Syria under the blessing of Obama’s sidekick, Joe Biden.
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Christian fighters always make sure they get a blessing before heading into battle against ISIS

Eventually (when its too late)…

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