Did Obama Create An Executive Order For The Collapsing Economy? – Episode 1064


From X22 Report

Walmart is firing 7,000 employees. IBM will be laying off. August auto sales are a disaster, declining rapidly. The dead cat bounce for auto’s is over, the market is crashing around itself. US manufacturing is imploding and there is not stopping it. Central banks are creating currency at a very fast pace to keep the system barely alive. We have reached the zero point of debt sustainability. Every time construction spending reaches it highs, the economy crashes. Deutsche Bank refuses to delivery gold. The leaked Soro’s documents show the US Government is in the process of nationalizing the police forces around the country. Secretive special ops training in Latin America has increased. The last cluster bomb manufacturer in the US ends production. Ukraine receives night vision goggles and the US is now prepared for an all out invasion from Russia. Obama extends the war in Libya and…

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