MB Obama gave Iran secret exemptions to get the infamous nuclear deal done

Reclaim Our Republic

And remember: Donald Trump vows to toss out this agreement. Hillary vows to keep it. Vote wisely, America

Sept 1, 2016 By Dan Calabrese

No wonder Iran feels free to threaten to break our legs. They never face any consequences for anything they do, including exceeding limits supposedly negotiated in the now-infamous nuclear deal that Obama and Kerry claim keeps them from becoming a nuclear power, but which actually does the opposite.

Reuters reports today that the infamous deal was even more favorable to Iran than we previously knew, as Obama and Kerry secretly added all kinds of exemptions – which they claim they told Congress about, but which at least one Democrat senator says are total news to him:

  The White House official said the administration had briefed Congress “frequently and comprehensively” on the joint commission’s work.

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, a leading critic of the Iran…

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