The New World Order’s Secret Global Court Will Rule Over The People & Governments – Episode 1065 |


From X22 Report

IMF not ready to give Greece another loan, the country needs to give up more. Caterpillar is laying off 2,000 in Belgium. US Government releases job numbers and they were terrible. More service jobs were added and manufacturing and construction lost jobs. Labor participation rate increased. Manufacturing continues to decline and factory orders plummet. Central Banks are purchasing their own bonds via backdoor operations. ECB testing the waters to start purchasing stock like the BoJ. The TPP and the TTIP is being pushed by corporations and the central bank to establish the secret global court.  This court will overrule the government courts, it will not be transparent, it will not be just, it will be in the favor or the corporations. The Intercept obtained a catalogue of military surveillance systems, these system are being offered to the local police in the US. Ukraine is using a shadow troop…

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