TPP/TTIP Has A Backup Plan, It’s Called CETA – Episode 1073


From X22 Report

Deutsche warns that corporate earnings are going to be a disaster going into 2017. TPP and the TTIP are having trouble, but to the central bankers and corporations it does not matter they have a backup plan called CETA. CDC now has a rapid response SWAT team to combat Zika. George Soros warns Europe, each country must come inline with the EU or face extinction. US sends B-1 bombers to South Korea. Rodrigo Duterte tells the US to remove troops from the Philippines. China and Russia launch a huge naval drill in the South China Sea. Libyan Unity Government is losing the battle over the oil fields and ports. The push to segregate Iraq and Syria implemented. The Syrian peace deal does not cover terrorist groups, Russia and Syria will bomb those groups. al Sham says they reject the peace deal. US making the case to allow US troops…

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