Is The US Government Preparing To Declare A National Emergency To Postpone The Elections? – Episode 1079


From X22 Report

Ken Rogoff pushing for negative interest rates and a cashless society.  The Fed has prepared the economy for a 50% market crash. US Congress says the enormous debt is now a national security issue. The central bankers are preparing to transition the US dollar into the SDR.  Which means the everyday person is going to feel the economic pain. South Koreans are giving up their citizenship so they do not have to go into the military. NATO deploying 4000 troops to the Baltic’s.  US sending more troops to Mosul for a large offensive. US spy plane shot down over Syria.  Libya’s unity government tries to take back some of the oil ports.  Leaked document shows the US bombed the Syrian army on purpose to support ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and the FSA. Turkey getting ready to declare a safe-zone to the borders of Aleppo. Ceasefire officially ended but…

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