VIDEO Michelle Obama Attacks Hillary: “If You Can’t Run Your Own House, You Certainly Can’t Run the White House”

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Sept 27, 2016  by Jim Bowman

A Daisy of a Rerun

I am of an age which includes probably the first major political distortion in Presidential campaigning. That being the TV advertisement of an innocent little girl, sitting in a field picking daisy petals one by one, while a mushroom cloud arises in a most sinister fashion behind her.

The year was 1964 and the incumbent President Lyndon B Johnson “approved” that message. Only problem was that he followed the course in Vietnam which he was trying to assign onto his supposedly “war mongering” opponent, Barry Goldwater.

Today, as our history books find difficulty in revisiting Johnson’s deceitful war policies, Goldwater’s vindication is now generally accepted without any acknowledgment from our Nation’s media.

I mention this as a backdrop of our current Presidential campaign. Just maybe another daisy advertisement could be made, only this time, that little girl should be…

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