WARNING: Deutsche Bank collapse could BURY EU as stocks plunge FURTHER in day two CARNAGE


From the Daily Express, by Lana Clements

THE Eurozone’s banking system could implode, dragging the euro down with it, if Angela Merkel’s government allows Deutsche Bank to fail, experts have warned, as the bank’s share price hit new lows in this morning’s trading.

deutsche bank

deutsche bank

GETTYDeutsche’s position is looking more fragile, experts have warned

In a bid to restore calm, following a catastrophic drop in value, Germany’s largest bank denied seeking help from Berlin after claims it sought aid from the German government and needed to raise additional funds from investors.German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the German people would not bailout the Bank and that it had the funds to deal with the gap in dirivitives.

But European stocks failed to rebound this morning as weak sentiment towards the banking sector saw the bank’s shares hit a fresh record low.

Investors remain unconvinced, as another day of sell-offs took…

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