Venezuelan hospital keeping newborn babies in cardboard boxes


Source: Natural News, by J. D. Heyes

With each passing day the world learns something new and horrifying about the slow, steady economic decline and implosion of socialist Venezuela, and yet its leader, Nicolas Maduro, remains committed to the “revolution” that is destroying that once-vibrant South American oil producer.

Now, as reported by CNN, pictures released recently by the country’s political opposition show something you’d never expect to see in a modern hospital nursery: images of newborn babies sleeping in cardboard boxes, all lined up on a counter.

According to the opposition group, a hospital employee took the photos and passed them along.

The group claims that the images were taken at a government-run facility, Domingo Guzman Lander Hospital located in the coastal city of Barcelona, about 195 miles east of the capital of Caracas. While CNN reported that it has so far been unable to verify the…

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