Obama’s Illusionary Recovery Is Being Ripped Apart – Episode 1095 


From X22 Report

Someone dumped 2 billion of notional gold onto the market to bring the gold price down. Unemployment rises to 5.0%. The economic recovery illusion is being ripped apart. People are now getting 1,2 part-time jobs to make up for their full time job they lost. Labor participation rate increases as  more people fall out of the job market. US lost more manufacturing jobs and gained low wage jobs. Wholesale inventories signaling a recession. Deutsche bank trying to find funds  to keep it operational. The US is terrified of the Russian/Chinese silk road. California will now allow illegals to signup for Obamacare. CIA says it can predict social unrest 3-5 days before it happens. Translation, they will know where the social unrest is occurring because they caused it. Chinese frigate warship arrives off the coast of Syria.UN calls on all terrorist to leave Aleppo. US trying to push UN…

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