21 Things You Need To Know About Sharia Law, Now In MULTIPLE States

Nwo Report

Sharia Law allows government to publicly shame and amputate hands and feet from people who commit minuscule crimes like stealing a soda.Lindsay Hayward

President Obama is the leader of the Greatest Sovereign nation in the world, yet he created and endorses an Islamist Muslim refugee program that not only cut our veteran program by 2.6 billion dollars, but he has also allowed more than 40,000 refugees to enter the U.S. without proper security measures practiced. That is nearly half of the 85,000 refugees allowed in the country this year alone.

The travesties happening overseas in Syria and the Middle East are terrifying and brought on by acts of Islamic terrorism. Yes, it is an unimaginable suffrage for those involved, but to bring those refugees to America is asking for trouble because the majority of them believe in Sharia Law.

In America, liberals and Islamist Muslims support these acts of terror and ideology accompanying the unvetted Muslim refugees, anyone who speaks against them is labeled Islamophobic and Xenophobic for simply raising awareness.

99% of Muslim refugees from nations…

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