More Shocking Vaccine News Part II: Weed Killer Found in More Vaccines!


Dr. Brownstein’s Blog

The Powers-That-Be, including the CDC, have insisted that vaccines are safe and effective.   On September 1, 2016, I reported to you that many common vaccines were contaminated with the carcinogenic agent glyphosate—the active ingredient in RoundUp®.  (You can read that post here:   Research scientist Anthony Samsel has been analyzing many commonly used vaccines for glyphosate contamination.

Since I reported the earlier post, Samsel has investigated more vaccines and is reporting glyphosate contamination in other commonly used vaccines.  Merck Pneumovax 23 (for pneumonia) has now been identified as having glyphosate contamination.   He also found other vaccines similarly contaminated.  MMR II (for measles, mumps, and rubella) , MMRV, and Zostervax (for shingles) were also found to contain glyphosate.

Where is this contamination coming from?  Many vaccines are made using animal tissues including bovine gelatin, porcine gelatin, egg protein, fetal bovine calf serum, bovine serum albumin, human serum albumin…

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