7 Economic Indicators Show We Are In A Recession As We Head Towards An Economic Crisis – Episode 1117


7 Economic Indicators Showing The Economy Is In A RecessionADP report declines which indicates the manipulation of the employment numbers are failing. US mortgages apps fall to five month lows. 7 economic indicators show that the economy is already in a recession and headed towards a major crisis. The market is flashing red and indicating it is ready to crash. Deutsche Bank is pointing out that the ECB has created asset bubbles. CETA is a trojan horse to usher in the TTIP. Obama’s new mandate to bring in minorities into law enforcement is now looking past criminal records and drug use. US decides not to sell weapons to the Phillipines. UN peace keeping force in Sudan is not protecting citizens. US not joing Normandy talks, NATO bringing in weapons and testing them in Ukraine. More paid mercenaries arrive in Ukraine. Iraqi army finds US made weapons in IS camps.Russia and Turkey working on free trade agreement. Russia tells the…

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