MSNBC Host Compares Gender-Specific Bathrooms to Racial Segregation


From Truth Revolt, Tiffany Gabbay

Because “we used to actually have separate bathrooms or separate water facilities and buses and restaurant tables for black people and white people.”

The mainstream media are still trying to make sure we take our eyes off the ball. In the wake of deadly terror attacks in Berlin and the assassination of a Russian Ambassador at the hands of an Islamic militant in Ankara, MSNBC wants you to focus on the really important issues we face: the “new segregation”.

Newsbusters brings us the latest example of progressive lunacy when North Carolina Republican Party executive director Dallas Woodhouse had to debunk host Ali Velshi’s moronic comparison of the transgender bathroom bill to racial segregation in the pre-Civil Rights era.

“There are no numbers that support the fact that people who claim to use somebody else’s bathroom because of their gender end up committing sexual assaults,” Velshi began. “It’s a made-up fear.” To which Woodhouse replied:

“I would…

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