MLK’s Seminary Papers Prove He was not a Scholar–or Believer!


From Don Boys

A person’s writing reveals much about himself or herself. I have spent many days reading Martin Luther King’s Crozer Seminary papers. They are very revealing as to what he believed and what his motives were. Note that these are not emails or notes to friends but academic papers with the presumption of scholarship. Furthermore, he had already been graduated from Morehouse College.

In plowing through King’s writings during the holidays, I found that he was very careless and poorly educated. He often started a sentence with the first two letters in caps, he repeated words, and he left the suffix or “s” off words. Misspellings are numerous and he seldom used commas! He evidently did not know the difference in led and lead since he made that mistake many times. He also did not know that there is no word undermind confusing it with undermine. His…

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