The Elite In Davos Have Just Proposed Something Unbelievable To Take Back Control Economically – Episode 1181 


From X22 Report

Lowe’s begins to layoff employees, it starts with 2400. Target holiday season was terrible.Macy’s might be closing another 100 stores. Tiffany blames Trump for decline in sales. Wage inflation weakest in 30 months. FDIC can now sue the banks for mortgage fraud. US manufacturing stagnates for the 14 straight month. Econmatters says the global financial system is collapsing.Trump warns Canada and Mexico about NAFTA. The Elite in Davos talk about banning cash and LaGarde want’s wealth redistribution by taxing people. The central banks are planning to use Universal Basic Income to keep everyone happy. Yellen says very close to full recovery. Chinese come clean, they have been manipulating their financial information. US military, veterans want the Russian evidence revealed. Biden says Putin will interfere in European elections. Norway is going to join NATO Russian missile shield. US still training Ukrainian forces. US is dropping supplies to the…

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