Confirmed: Almost Everyone is Against Sanctuary Cities


From Truth Revolt, by Trey Sanchez

Hey, Democrats, the people have spoken…

A Harvard-Harris Poll has confirmed that the vast majority of America hold President Trump’s view on sanctuary cities.

The Hill reports that 80% of voters want local authorities to abide by the law and report illegal immigrants to federal agents. There are hundreds of Democrat-controlled cities who ignore these laws and continue to harbor aliens, many of them criminal. Trump signed an executive order authorizing Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to withhold federal funding for those cities who continue to break the law. According to Reuters, the top ten sanctuary cities get an astonishing $2.27 billion to pay for health services and early childhood education of illegal immigrants. In addition, Trump wants DHS to hire 10,000 new agents for detaining and deporting illegals. Most Americans support this decision, too.

According to the poll, only 23% oppose Trump’s immigration reform…

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