Meet the Mercers: The Most Powerful Family You’ve Never Heard Of


Source: The Anti Media, by Alex Thomas

History is full of powerful families that have left their mark on the political and economic systems of their age. During the Italian Renaissance, there were the Borgias and Medicis. In the United States, a number of families have realized America is not only the land of opportunity but also the land of wealth and dynastic power. We’ve had the Astors and Rockefellers, and even the Rothschilds have a foothold in the American power system.

More recently, the Koch brothers have drawn attention to themselves, and though Charles and David generally try to avoid the spotlight, their fingerprints are all over the political system. Apparently, it’s tough to be the mysterious Wizard of Oz when you’ve bankrolled half the politicians in the Emerald City. Though they’ve historically backed Republicans, the pair has also opposed President Trump. Only last week, when the administration’s Obamacare repeal…

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Meet Pharmacy Benefit Managers – ‘The Most Profitable Corporations You’ve Never Heard Of’ 


Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg, by Mike Krieger

When I first started becoming aware of how sleazy, parasitic and corrupt the U.S. economy was, I only had expertise in one industry, financial services. Coming to grips with the blatant criminality of the TBTF Wall Street banks and their enablers at the Federal Reserve and throughout the federal government, I thought this was the main issue that needed to be confronted. What I’ve learned in the years since is pretty much every industry in America is corrupt to the core, more focused on sucking money away from helpless citizens via rent-seeking schemes versus actually producing a product and adding value. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is no exception.

Today’s post zeros in on a particular slice of that industry. A group of companies known as Pharmacy Benefit Managers, or PBMs. Companies that seem to extract far more from the public than they give back. It’s…

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The Central Banks Begin ‘Operation Frothy’, Systematically Bring The Economy Down – Episode 1241


From X22 Report

UK triggers article 50.  Greek deputies will need to cut the salaries. Consumer confidence being faked by the conference board, Gallup shows the complete opposite. Minimum wage hiked in St. Louis which in turn cause more people to lose jobs.How many jobs do robots destroy, the answer might suprise you. Pending home sales surge, but from the past history most of these homes are cancelled.  Obamacare might explode on May 22. Government shutdown odds move to 40% according to Deutsche Bank. The various Fed office around the country report that the market is to frothy and we need many rate increases during the course of this year. This operation will bring down the economy. Obama defense deputy admits that the administration was spying.Judge Napilatano returns to tv and said he is not going to back away from this statement. States are going to fight Session with removing sanctuary…

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VIDEO Top Hillary Aide Plotted to ‘Help’ Media ‘Figure Out How Things Work’ – MB Obama Official Admits To Spying On Trump

Reclaim Our Republic

Hillary Emails: Top Clinton Aide Plotted to ‘Help’ News Media ‘Figure Out How Things Work’

 30 Mar 2017 by Aaron Klein

TEL AVIV — In a 2010 email released yesterday by Judicial Watch, Jake Sullivan, then-Deputy Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton at the State Department, discusses how to “help” news media figures “’figure out’ how things work.”

Sullivan later served as chief foreign policy adviser to Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The February 9, 2010 email in question was sent to longtime Clinton confidantes Huma Abedin and Cheryl D. Mills, and to Philippe I. Reines, who served as Clinton’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Strategic Communications.

It was an exchange started by Sullivan, who asked why New York Times columnist David Brooks “took a shot at me in his column today.”

“Any ideas what prompted it?” asked Sullivan.

Brooks column that day, titled, “The House of Tranquillity”…

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Here’s The Real Secret to Detecting Lies (And It’s Not Body Language)


From PsyBlog

Here’s The Real Secret to Detecting Lies (And It’s Not Body Language) post image

Until now studies have found that people do no better than chance at detecting lies.

Despite all the advice about lie detection going around, study after study has found that it is very difficult to spot when someone is lying.

Previous tests involving watching videos of suspects typically find that both experts and non-experts come in at around 50/50: in other words you might as well flip a coin.

Now, though, a new study published in Human Communication Research, has found that a process of active questioning yielded almost perfect results, with 97.8% of liars successfully detected (Levine et al., 2014).

The process of lie detection has nothing to do with supposed ‘tells’ like avoiding eye-contact or sweating, and everything to do with the way the suspect is questioned.

In the series of studies, participants played a trivia game in which they were secretly offered…

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VIDEO Hillary and Podesta Talking and Doing Business with the Russians – More Huma Email Evidence

Reclaim Our Republic

Not Only Are Hillary and Podesta Talking with the Russians, They’re Doing Business with Them

Dems Have More Ties to Russia Than Trump

Mar 29, 2017

As deep state operatives continue to peddle the fictitious Trump-Russia narrative to members of the press and House Intelligence Committee investigators, the American people are having the proverbial wool pulled over their eyes by the actual offenders themselves, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, both of whom have done business with the Russian State.

On Jan. 23, 2016, I exposed Hillary Clinton’s ties to the Russian State in an article titled, “Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians along with one-fifth of our uranium ore,” in which I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sold out approximately one-fifth of the United States’ uranium supply to the Russians using a Canadian proxy. Not only did she facilitate…

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The Chaos Continues As Banks Begin To Crash – Episode 1239


From X22 Report

UK is entering meltdown mode, inflation surges. Italy is a on the edge of a major problem. Brussels slaps the UK with a 100 billion bill for an EU Army. Over half American cities are filled with renters. Dallas Fed misses, its declining once again. This is how you know we are in a bubble, Tony Robbins and Suze Orman are back selling how to make money. During the next financial crisis pensions are going to be at the center of it all. The entire market is in chaos and the banks are crashing at the same time, will this continue. John Bolton says the entire Russian hacking could have been a false flag. Europe unveils new gun laws. Greece says it cannot take on more refugees.  More assets are heading towards the middle east. These assets are building and the deep state is prepared to push their…

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