VIDEO Aspartame causes death: FDA agent says ‘WE MUST DEPOPULATE,’ – Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World – Detox

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Feb 26, 2017 by Lori Alton, staff writer


(NaturalHealth365) According to integrative healthcare providers and thousands of natural health experts, the artificial sweetener aspartame can cause brain tumors and other cancers, as well as a host of other devastating diseases and symptoms. Of course, the FDA – which approved aspartame in 1981 due to political pressure – denies any link between aspartame and cancer, or any other serious condition, and has no plans to ban this toxic substance.

As outrageous as this situation is, it is the shocking words of one FDA agent – quoted in the title above – that takes the matter to a whole new and more sinister level. In a momentous podcast interview with Jonathan Landsman, Dr. Betty Martini – as part of her tireless efforts to remove aspartame from the marketplace – reveals the true story behind this horrifying comment.

“Imminent health hazard” petition…

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