VIDEO Tell us again, Kellyanne, we, Dems need to hear it again – Huma,Hillary – Hillary Gave Russia 1/5 USA Uranium

Reclaim Our Republic

And while you’re at it, Kellyanne, pray for us deplorables every morning that you are at Holy Mass and Communion. We and an Obama ravaged America sorely need it

Tell us again, Kellyanne, we need to hear it

Mar 20, 2017 By Judi McLeod

Tell us again, Kellyanne Conway about how Huma Abedin called you so that haughty Hillary Clinton could concede to President-elect Donald Trump on Election Night.

Tell us again about that 2:30 a.m. telephone call.  Tell us tomorrow, the day after and any day there after when you can.

Remind us about that telephone call that came in real time as long as the screaming meemie lib-left haters out on the streets keep pushing for anarchy.  Remind all “deplorables” of what happened as long as President Donald Trump supporters and their dogs are being assaulted on the streets by unhinged assailants.

Keep the image of Clinton’s backdoor…

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