The Truth About David Rockefeller The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

Nwo Report

The truth about David Rockefeller hidden by the mainstream media

The sinister truth about David Rockefeller has been purposefully hidden from the public by the mainstream media, following his death in March 2017.

The American billionaire made it clear that he wanted his business dealings kept from public view, which explains why the media gushed about what a great “philanthropist” and “influential banker” he was following his death, aged 101.

The truth is that David Rockefeller was able to dictate American and global policy behind the scenes without any accountability – always with disastrous results for the rest of humanity.

  • The Rockefeller family had built up unfathomable wealth by hijacking governments, media, and banks.
  • David Rockefeller helped lay the foundation for repressive, racist and fascist governments around the world, orchestrating global inequality and financial crisis’ behind the scenes.
  • “America’s unofficial royal family” supported violent, ruthless dictatorships around the world.

Rockefeller was part of America’s unofficial royal family, who admitted in 2015 that he was the head…

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