Enumerating the reasons to celebrate President Trump

Reclaim Our Republic

It's Time for Conservatives to Celebrate This President

April 5, 2017

Important considerations as this president endures a previously unimaginable malicious onslaught from those who still can’t come to grips with the fact that their candidate lost

Dennis Prager, not originally a Trump supporter, writes a column todaythat lists the reasons for conservatives to celebrate Trump’s presidency.

Prager, a conservative columnist and talk show host, states his case unequivocally and eloquently — concluding with another potent dose of truth as it relates to the media, in particular and liberals, in general:

“The American media — most particularly, its elite — no longer even feigns objective reporting. It is solely an arm of the left and the Democratic Party, its task being the delegitimization of the Trump presidency.”

A case in point is the four-part serial editorial in the leftist Los Angeles Times with it’s first installment on Sunday. So rife with derogatory adjectives it appears the editorial…

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