Democrat City Pulls Sanctuary City Status After What Happened To Its Local Businesses

Nwo Report

asdfsdfSam Di Gangi

We have heard a lot lately about how so-called “sanctuary cities” are popping up like weeds within our garden of 50 states, with both Washington and California being knee keep in the federal criminal harboring of illegal aliens. We know that the term “sanctuary city” brings to mind some frightened migrant cowering in the corner as he or she begs to be allowed to stay in a country to which they did not even bother to apply to be in, but in many cases, it is gang culture that didn’t apply due to a criminal record. Things like murder, rape, extortion, and robbery tend to make a person un-welcomed in a great number of countries, not only America.

Lansing, Michigan, was declared a sanctuary city, for all of 168 hours. That is how long it took for them to not only debate how…

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