Merkel Finally Admits: There Is No Doubt Refugees Are Responsible

Nwo Report

slack-imgs.comTHE SIX STEPS OF DESTROYING A NATION AND ITS SURROUNDINGS (aka “How to Ruin an Entire Continent With Indecision”).

Step one, decide to open the borders to refugees who claim to be in need of protection from sharia Islam without proper vetting Just “trust” them. Step two, question that idea before it happens in light of logic and the violent history of radical Muslims. Instead, secure a police force and make sure that they won’t hurt anyone, but do NOT allow a mass of refugees to enter. Ask the police to pledge this, and they do. Step three, rescind the police order, tell them to stand down, and open the border after worrying about a PC U.N. who would rather see terror than wisdom applied. Step four, decide that step two was right ONLY after terrorism ruins Europe and offer then to pay $76 million dollars to…

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