VIDEO Why Christians Being Slaughtered in Egypt – Qaraqosh, Iraq 50,000 Christians in 2014, 7 Families Remain

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Until Egyptian government removes “radical” sheikhs, their teachings from the mosques, schools, television stations, all other positions of influence, Muslims will continue to be radicalized, churches will continue to be bombed, Christians killed

Why Christians Are Being Slaughtered in Egypt

April 15, 2017 By Raymond Ibrahim

PJ Media

On April 9—Palm Sunday, which starts the holy week of Easter—two Christian churches were bombed during mass in Egypt, leaving at least 50 worshippers dead and nearly 130 injured and/or mutilated (graphic images/video of aftermath here).

Less than four months earlier, around Christmas, another Christian church was bombed in Egypt, leaving 27 worshippers—mostly women and children—dead and wounding nearly 70.  On New Year’s Day, 2011, yet another Egyptian church was bombed, leaving 23 worshippers dead.

In 2013, almost 70 Christian churches in Egypt were attacked, many burned to the ground, by Muslim Brotherhood supports.

Then there are the

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