VIDEO Erdogan’s Visit To The WH Accompanied By Spirits Of The Dead – New Powers, Rounds Up His Opponents

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Really Bizarre: Erdogan’s Mouthpiece Declares That Erdogan’s Visit To The White House Will Be Accompanied By Spirits Of The Dead

April 26, 2017 By Walid Shoebat

So why is “Erdoğan is going to visit India on April 30th, Russia on May 3 China on May, and the U.S. on May 16 and he will additionally be joining the NATO summit in Brussels on May 25th”?

İbrahim Karagül Erdogan’s mouthpiece at Yeni Safak explains:

“The US, Russia, China, India, Brussels-NATO. The global power domain is shaped through these country centers. The power formation that we call the world system is decided upon at these country centers. The world of the 21 century and the future are shaped – and will continue to be shaped – by these central powers. World crises, reconciliations, the destiny of mid-scale and small-scale countries take shape according to these centers, according to the…

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