VIDEO Proof Leftists Disagree with Opposing Views and Don’t Know Why

Reclaim Our Republic

Why am I a racist? Ummmmmm… ‘cause you just are?

The battle for free speech on campuses is also waging across the pond in England.

The Rebel Media’s Tommy Robinson, an outspoken activist against the Islamization of Western countries and author of Enemy of the State, was set to speak at University of York in England until left-wing students threatened violence if the speech was allowed to go on. That forced Robinson to give his speech off-campus, but he decided to visit York with a camera and ask students why they hate free speech. Robinson explained what happened on Facebook:

York University cancelled my speech for fear of violence from the left. I popped along to the uni to speak to some students. Those that had researched and actually listened to some of my videos / speeches shook my hand. Others just hated me…

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