Feds Set To Charge Sen Cory Booker With International Crimes Against Humanity, Chilling Side Business Of Dem

Reclaim Our Republic

Cory Booker

Cory Booker is the perfect description of a Democrat. Give away everything for free, make sure every kid gets a trophy, send entitled leeches out into society and hope they do well. That’s Cory Booker on the outside. Give, give and give some more and just your vote in return. Unfortunately, Booker’s always bright and shiny smile can no longer hide the dark secret that Cory Booker is a multi-millionaire, nearly a billionaire, with funds stashed away overseas and on every island between here and Dublin.

The business is massive. Booker owns freighters and cargo planes and ships around the world. It seems that CBKB Enterprises, a company owned solely by Booker under an assumed name, is the last stop in the US for aborted baby parts. Booker’s company collects them and ships them to ports across the world, many of which have strict laws against it.

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