VIDEO NY sheriff praises Trump for progress against MS-13 gang – ICE Adding Officers – The Other MS 13 Story

Reclaim Our Republic

Jun 20, 2017

Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco says president is making gang eradication a priority

Inside Long Island’s war with MS-13

Apr 21, 2017

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Timothy Sini has described law enforcement’s struggle with the dangerous Central American gang as an ‘all hands on deck’ war. He gives Tucker the inside story #Tucker

Why MS-13 is more dangerous than ISIS

Apr 14, 2017

Their penchant for violence, sadism, ability to infiltrate the border and their reach within the US are just a few reasons the Central American street gang could be considered more dangerous than ISIS #Tucker

A look inside the world of MS-13 gangs

The other MS-13 story

June 20, 2017 By Silvio Canto, Jr.

Down in Central America, El Salvador is getting ready for the return of MS-13 gang members.  It is indeed complicated, as Joshua Partlow reports:     

The Trump administration’s push…

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