Archontic Dementia 1: The AI Robot Sophia is a Fraud

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Do you agree? Is Sophia a fraud?  JLL believes so.

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No Conspiracy Here: 5th Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Now Dead

Jasper and Sardine

Since the October 1 Las Vegas shooting, which claimed 58 innocent lives and injured over 500 music lovers, five witnesses to and survivors of the gruesome attack have been killed  three in car ‘accidents’, one was fatally shot, and one died suddenly after giving statement exposing multiple shooters.

The most recent Las Vegas shooting survivor to die mysteriously is 52-year-old Roy McClellan: he was killed in a hit and run on November 17 while hitchhiking on State Route 160 in Pahrump, about 50 miles west of Las Vegas. Eyewitnesses say a speeding Chevrolet Camaro hit Roy down before speeding off the scene. The driver of the car is still on the loose.

McClellan’s wife, Denise, told reporters:

“I’m angry. I’m angry. I feel that he was under the influence of something or drunk and didn’t want to get caught, so he bailed and left my husband laying there…

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As Predicted: Earth’s Rotation Slowing As Nibiru Approaches- 2018 Anticipating Many MAJOR Earthquakes

Jasper and Sardine

Scientists have found strong evidence that 2018 will see a big uptick in the number of large earthquakes globally. Earth’s rotation, as with many things, is cyclical, slowing down by a few milliseconds per day then speeding up again.

You and I will never notice this very slight variation in the rotational speed of Earth. However, we will certainly notice the result, an increase in the number of severe earthquakes.

Geophysicists are able to measure the rotational speed of Earth extremely precisely, calculating slight variations on the order of milliseconds. Now, scientists believe a slowdown of the Earth’s rotation is the link to an observed cyclical increase in earthquakes.

To start, the research team of geologists analyzed every earthquake to occur since 1900 at a magnitude above 7.0. They were looking for trends in the occurrence of large earthquakes. What they found is that roughly every 32 years there was…

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