‘Beyonce Mass’ To Hit Two Churches In NYC

Jasper and Sardine

Womanist worship services known as “Beyoncé Mass” that have already attracted thousands from “Southern California to Portugal” by using the music and life of iconic singer Beyoncé to celebrate and empower black women, are expected to unfurl inside two churches on Wednesday and Thursday and they are likely to attract hundreds.

Masses set for First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn and St. James Presbyterian in Harlem are both set to start at 7 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

“Join us at The First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn in New York City for a groundbreaking worship service that uses the music and life of Beyoncé as a tool to cultivate an empowering conversation about Black women—their lives, their bodies, and their voices. Beyoncé Mass creates a space of story, scripture, and song that calls for the liberation of all people,” the announcement for the mass set for First Presbyterian…

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War On Faith: China Tears Down Christian Church With Worshippers Inside

Jasper and Sardine

A church building in the Funan, Anhui region of China is torn down on the order of Chinese government officials while the congregation worships inside. (Image credit: China Aid)

In the latest blatant attack against the church-at-large in communist China, Chinese government authorities tore down a megachurch’s building in the Funan, Anhui region, starting the demolition while the congregation was worshipping. The church’s pastors were also arrested and detained.

The incident happened over the weekend, according to the international non-profit Christian human rights organization China Aid.

Government officials did not provide any documents ordering the 3,000-seat church building’s demolition. But they did produce arrest warrants for leaders Geng Yimin and Sun Yongyao. Both pastors were detained on the charge of suspicion of “gathering a crowd to disturb social order.”

What’s even more frightening to members of the congregation is that the church is a part of the communist country’s officially recognized church network.

“This is yet another clear example showing the escalation of religious persecution today by the Chinese Communist regime,” said ChinaAid President Bob Fu. “The total…

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Amazing Non-Biblical Infographic Accidentally Shows How The Vatican Fulfills Reveals Revelation 17

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A lot of people are unaware that all Roman Catholic popes hold dual roles as they serve. First, the pope serves as the spiritual leader of the world’s Roman Catholics, and is said to be ‘infallible’ when speaking from his throne. Second, all popes are also the king of a country called Vatican City, and is listed among the 193 nations of the United Nations in a role called ‘permanent observer’. So the Roman Catholic Church controls a spiritual kingdom and a political kingdom, this level of influence which is unique in world history allows the Roman Catholic Church to fulfill all the requirements and attributes listed in Revelation 17. From this dual nature, it is able to control politics, acquire massive wealth, and control people spiritually.

The Revelation 17 woman is a political power player, John shows us how she ‘reigneth over the kings of the earth’, that gives…

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Understanding Genesis 6: The Giants, The Fallen And How It Applies To US NOW