VIDEO Scaramucci: There Are White House Plotters Seeking Trump Exit

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AUGUST 13, 2017 BY 

There are people in Washington DC working against President Donald Trump, the former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has said.

He said there were “elements” within the White House trying to eject Mr Trump, and he had “named some names”.

Mr Scaramucci spoke to ABC News for the first time since being fired last month – after just 11 days in office.

The BBC noted,

It followed a phone recording in which he strongly attacked then-White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus as well as a profanity-laced diatribe aimed at Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

Mr Scaramucci said he had thought the interview was off the record, and he had “paid the consequences for that conversation”.

“What happens in Washington… is the president is not a representative of the political establishment class, so for whatever reason the people have made a decision that they want to…

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Muslims Running For Congress, Silent On Faith – Muslim Museum At Foot Of Ground Zero

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‘I just don’t see how it’s pertinent’

Aug 13, 2017 by LEO HOHMANN

Regina Mustafa (YouTube video screenshot)

Regina Mustafa (YouTube video screenshot)

Regina Mustafa is trying to become the first Muslim woman elected to Congress and, if successful, she says she will use her “sheer passion” to represent oppressed minorities across the United States, fight for more gun control and battle against climate change.

Mustafa, a 37-year-old community activist living in Rochester, Minnesota, has announced her candidacy for the state’s 1st congressional district.

Mustafa moved to the state 12 years ago from Philadelphia. She is one of eight Democrats running for the seat being vacated by Tim Walz, D-Minn., who’s leaving Congress to run for governor. Whoever wins the primary will likely win the general election in a district that swings Democrat.

Mustafa, who says she is a seasoned community activist, has focused…

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Rise in Concealed-Carry Permits Biggest Among Black Women

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Aug 8, 2017 By Zenny Phuong


( – The biggest growth in the number of Americans obtaining permits to carry a concealed firearm since 2000 has been among black women, according to a recent study from the Crime Prevention Research Center.

Data collected by CPRC indicates that the rate of increase in concealed carry among black women was 2.22 times higher than that of white females across the country from 2000 to 2016.

The largest growth was experienced in Texas, where the Department of Public Safety documents the race and gender of registered gun owners, with an increase from one percent to 11 percent within that frame.

According to CPRC President John Lott, although all states have now authorized concealed carry, 14 of them no longer require a permit for doing so. But some people in these states still obtain gun permits for travel to and from other…

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VIDEO Cultural Enrichment – Somali muslim “Refugee” Rapes Mom on Bus Near her Child; Free, NOT Facing Deportation…

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Somali muslim “Refugee” Rapes Mom on Bus Near her Sleeping Child; Currently Free and NOT Facing Deportation…

Aug 11, 2017

The Somali refugee who raped a mother on a bus in Minnesota at knifepoint near her 7-year old daughter is not only remaining in the U.S., he is out on $5,000 bail. People are asking why he can’t be deported according to a local news report. ICE has no control according to a spokesman.

The 22-year old Somali man who arrived in the United States in September faces charges of criminal sexual conduct, a felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

“A Minneapolis man is being charged with criminal sexual conduct after being accused of raping a woman on a bus passing through Crookston Friday,” according to the Crookston Times.

“Mohamed Harir Ayanle, 22, was released from the Northwest Regional Correction Center Monday on a $5,000 bond and on…

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VIDEO White House Fumigating MB Obama Bugs in White House, With Renovations – Swamp Vermin!

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It should have been swept for electronic devices on January 21, 2017, and then again at regular and unannounced intervals. Secret Service, Asleep at the wheel, as usual.

The Oval Office of the White House sits emptied of all furniture, carpet and other decor during renovations at the White House in Washington. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

The White House is under construction as Trump is away for his first ‘work-vacation’ as president. The Oval Office of the White House sits emptied of all furniture, carpet and other decor during renovations. Hey, don’t forget to remove those bugs planted by Obama.

A U.S. Secret Service officer (L) escorts members of the media from the Rose Garden into the Palm Room past construction warning signs. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

Construction workers carry out their work. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Construction workers pull new rolls of carpet out of a truck to take them into the West Wing offices. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

Construction workers carry out their work. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Construction storage pods are staged along West Executive Drive beside the West Wing. REUTERS/Jim BourgConstruction materials and equipment are seen staged inside the historic Roosevelt Room in the West Wing. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

Construction cranes are set up while President Donald Trump is away on vacation from the White House. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

DIA Fumigating Obama Bugs in White House, 1747 – YouTube

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VIDEO Staged VA White Nationalist Protest Turns Violent, Trump condemns violence, hatred, bigotry ‘on many sides’

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Charlottesville Protest Turns Violent as State of Emergency Declared

12 Aug 2017 by Breitbart News

A state of emergency has been declared around Charlottesville, Virginia, amid clashes between “Unite the Right” white nationalist demonstrators and “counterprotesters,” including thepresence of Antifa.

Gov. Terry McAullife declared a state of emergency shortly before 11 a.m. ET, moments before the rally was scheduled to begin at noon at Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, according to a tweet sent from the Democratic governor’s Twitter account.

Using megaphones, police declared an unlawful assembly at about 11:40 a.m., and gave a five-minute warning to leave Emancipation Park, where hundreds of neoNazis, Ku Klux Klans members and other white nationalists had gathered to protest the removal of a Confederate statue. They were met by equal numbers of “counterprotesters,” including Black Lives Matter activists and Princeton professor Cornel West.

Both the city of Charlottesville and the…

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VIDEO Guam Gov. Eddie Calvo to Trump: ‘I Have Never Felt More Safe or Confident’ – MB Obama Failure

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Guam Gov. Eddie Calvo to Trump: ‘I Have Never Felt More Safe or Confident’

12 Aug 2017 by Charlie Spiering

President Donald Trump called Guam Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo to reassure him and his people that the United States is behind them “1,000 percent.”

“We are with you 1,000 percent. You are safe. … And I wanted to call you and say hello,” Trump said. “How are you?”

“Mr. President, as the governor of Guam and as an American citizen, I have never felt more safe or confident with you at the helm,” Calvo replied.

Calvo posted a video of the phone call to his Facebook page, informing the people of Guam that he had just spoken with the president and Chief of Staff General John Kelly about the threat North Korea poses.

He praised Trump for his leadership, lamenting the criticism coming from Washington, DC, bureaucrats and the media.


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