VIDEO As time draws near for FISA memo release, Dems full-panic mode, Deep State Declares : What are they afraid of?

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As time draws near for FISA memo release, Dems are in full-panic mode: What are they afraid of?

Image: As time draws near for FISA memo release, Dems are in full-panic mode: What are they afraid of?

(Natural News) The only politicians on Capitol Hill who seem to be concerned about the potential weaponization of the FBI and Justice Department against a rival presidential campaign are Republicans. They are also the only ones who seem to want to make sure all Americans know about it.

Democrats, on the other hand, couldn’t care less. In fact, many of them are activelyundermining efforts by GOP leaders and rank-and-file members to inform Americans about what will quite possibly be a scandal so bad nothing we’ve seen before comes close in comparison.

Earlier this month Americans who watch something other than fake news networks like CNNABC NewsMSNBC, and so forth learned that Republican leaders on the House Intelligence Committee, after months…

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More Than Half Of The USA Drinks Radioactive Water

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Well, here’s one for the record books.

Drinking water for more than 170 million Americans in all 50 states contains radioactive elements that are carcinogenic, according to a nonprofit group’s investigation released this past week.

The report examined the levels of six radioactive contaminants in drinking water, including radon, radium and uranium. Its primary focus was on radium because it is naturally occurring though a dangerous carcinogen, according to Newsweek.

The study discovered that of 50,000 public water systems analyzed from 2010 to 2015, more than 22,000 utilities in all 50 states had radium in their treated water delivered to 173 million customers’ taps.

The report explained that the greatest problems were in the Golden State and Lone Star State: “California has the most residents affected by radiation in drinking water. From 2010 to 2015, about…

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VIDEO EST GOP Leaders Plot Amnesty in Exchange for National ID – Deep State’s Plots to Remove President Trump

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GOP Leaders Plot Amnesty in Exchange for National ID

Jan 22, 2018  by  Alex Newman

GOP Leaders Plot Amnesty in Exchange for National ID

Republican leaders in Congress are once again plotting with Democrats to stab the American people and the U.S. Constitution in the back, on multiple key issues. Under the guise of getting “something” in exchange for providing amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants (and future Democrat voters) in Obama’s illegal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the establishment wing of the GOP is pushing a radical longtime goal of the bipartisan Deep State: mandatory national biometric ID cards for all Americans. Privacy and liberty are under serious threat, critics warned.  

The Orwellian national ID scheme, known as “E-Verify,” is ostensibly aimed at making it harder for illegal immigrants to find work in the United States. Basically, as part of the program, which would become mandatory under the bill, every employer would…

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After Lawsuits, FEMA Stops Discriminating Against Religious Relief Organizations

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After Lawsuits, FEMA Stops Discriminating Against Religious Relief Organizations

Ever since hurricane Harvey pummeled Texas months ago, several religious organizations have been trying to get Federal Emergency Management Agency-sanctioned disaster relief, to no avail. FEMA chose to exclude all religious nonprofits from access to its funds based entirely on their religious affiliation. Until now.

After repeated pressure in the form of several lawsuits, FEMA announced a new policy recently that will curb discrimination against religious organizations. FEMA is now accepting disaster aid applications through February 4 from houses of worship damaged by Hurricane Harvey. This decision no doubt comes in response to two lawsuits brought by three Texas churches and two Florida synagogues seeking immediate and equal access to disaster aid.

The History of FEMA Grants

FEMA’s Public Assistance Grant program helps organizations make basic structural repairs and begin rebuilding after a natural disaster like hurricane Harvey. Until this point, it was available…

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VIDEO How Bankrupt The “Science” of Psychiatry Really Is and Big Pharma – Truth About Vaccines 7-Day Docu Series

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Exposing psychiatry as a fraud from top to bottom

Jan 18, 2018  by Jon Rappoport

“Promoting diabolically false science, psychiatry creates a gateway for defining many separate states of consciousness that don’t exist at all. They’re cheap myths, fairy tales.”(The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Note: This is an expanded version of my recent piece about psychiatry. It contains far more evidence that psychiatry is a highly dangerous fraud.

Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump, the deployment of psychiatrists to diagnose a person they oppose on political grounds is a tactic—not science.

In some cases, psychiatrists give favored individuals a soft landing—“Well, he’s suffering from bipolar and he needs help straightening out his life”—while in other cases these shrinks use their diagnoses to discredit and diminish public figures—“his judgment is impaired, pay no attention to what he’s saying, he needs treatment (toxic drugs).”

It’s the old USSR strategy…

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VIDEO CNN watches in horror, panel of Dems who voted for Trump praise his first year in office

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CNN watches in horror as panel of Democrats who voted for Trump praise his first year in office

Jan 18, 2018 By Robert Laurie

CNN watches in horror as panel of Democrats who voted for Trump praise his first year in office & trash the mediaCNN should really stop doing these panels.  They want voters to express their sorrow, their contrition, and their love of journalism.  It never goes that way.  In fact, it seems like every time they put one of these groups together, it blows up in their face in spectacular fashion.

This time, they’ve assembled a group of Democrats in Youngstown Ohio – people who turned their back on all that is good and righteous in the world to vote for a monster named Donald Trump.

Listen to the grim narration, listen to the disdain dripping from the voiceover whenever he’s forced to say the word “Trump.”  The hatred, horror, and disgust are as evident as CNN’s constant bias.

…And the fact that –…

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‘Devil Incarnate’: Predator Bill And ‘S***Hole’ Foundation

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Actor James Woods (Photo: Flickr/The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

Actor James Woods (Photo: Flickr/The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

Actor and producer James Woods is mercilessly scorching former President Bill Clinton as “Haiti’s devil incarnate,” accusing Clinton and his “crooked family” of destroying the poor island nation after it was devastated by a horrific earthquake in 2010.

“This is how #BillClinton and his horrid criminal cohorts destroyed #Haiti,” Woods tweeted Sunday, sharing a video about the issue. “The ONLY ‘s—hole’ part of Haiti was Bill Clinton’s involvement, he and his crooked family. Bill Clinton was Haiti’s devil incarnate.”

James-Woods-Clinton-TWA man in the video explains:

It’s more than true. The money is more than $6 billion. You see, after the earthquake, countries around the world donate billions of dollars. The amount was much larger than $6 billion, and Bill Clinton was in charge of the money. And not only…

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