In The Coming Automated Economy- Humans Will Work For Artificial Intelligence

Jasper and Sardine

Illustration of the letters AI with people and data points behind it.

In Texas, a company called Alegion is helping disabled veterans take part in the new digital economy. The vets’ job: preparing data so that an artificial intelligence (AI) system can learn from it.

“There’s a whole new industry sprouting on the shoulders of AI,” says Alegion CEO Nathaniel Gates in an interview with IEEE Spectrum. “We are employing people.”

When people talk about AI, they’re often referring to software that gets very good at a particular task via a technique called deep learning. With this method, AI systems are given vast amounts of labeled data, and as they run through it, they learn to draw conclusions. For example, an AI tasked with classifying photos of animals would look at millions of images labeled cat, dog, hedgehog, and so forth, and would learn on its own which features define each animal.

Getting a properly labeled dataset, however, can be a…

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Nibiru Now Visible With The Naked Eye?

Chelsea Clinton Says Satanism Is A ‘Religion’ That ‘Deserves Our Respect’

Jasper and Sardine

Chelsea Clinton has described Satanism as a “religion” that “deserves our respect”, as the “Satan-gate” scandal continues spiraling out of control, threatening to derail the spawn of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s budding political aspirations.

"Satan-gate" is spiraling out of control and threatening to derail Chelsea Clinton's budding political aspirations.

The 37-year-old Clinton, fired back at critics who denounced her warm greeting to the Church of Satan on Twitter on January 1, claiming that Satanists, devil-worshippers and Luciferians deserve civility and respect.

The Church Of Satan✔@ChurchofSatanReplying to @ChelseaClinton and 5 others

The never ending excitement here is never ending.

Chelsea Clinton✔@ChelseaClinton

It’s been so long! Happy New Year!
4:29 PM – Jan 2, 2018
Unbelievably, the spawn of Bill and Hillary Clinton also compared Satanism to her own religion, Methodist Christianity, and her husband’s Jewish faith.

Chelsea Clinton✔@ChelseaClinton

Oh goodness gracious. We can be civil, cheerful, respectful to & friends with people who don’t share our religious beliefs. Sometimes, we even marry…

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Celine Dion Launches Gender-Neutral Clothing Line Featuring Satanic, New World Order And Pedophilia Themes

Jasper and Sardine

I was perusing through my Facebook newsfeed and came across what I initially thought was pretty crazy. Images of kids wearing odd-looking clothing with occult symbols and the words ‘NEW ORDER’ written across the chest.

I thought it was some joke someone had put together to play on how there has been a long-standing goal of the elite/cabal to create a ‘new world order’ and what better way to start than babies and kids.

It all is shown in a new commercial where Celine Dion is breaking into a hospital baby ward to help bring her new clothing line to babies.

The company Celinununu states in its mission: CELINUNUNU unites two forces by one voice: fashion has the power to shape people’s minds. Inspire your children to be free and find their own individuality through clothes.

The commercial for the product line is interesting on its own. She plays the…

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Why Is Facebook Deleting Christian And Conservative Pages, But Allowing Children To Be Auctioned Off To Pedophiles?

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While Facebook was actively deleting countless pages for promoting peace and freedom, they allowed an auction to be held in which a child was for sale — for weeks.

Last month, Facebook and Twitter — without warning or justification — deleted the pages of Free Thought Project and Police the Police which had over 5 million followers.

During this purge, they also removed hundreds of other pages including massive police accountability groups, antiwar activists, alternative media, and libertarian news outlets.

Facebook claimed to remove these pages in the name of fighting disinformation online and creating a safer user experience.

Illustrating just how big of ostentatious sham this was, this month, a child was openly sold on this same platform that claims to promote online safety.

Last month, an auction was held on Facebook in which a child bride was put up for sale in a public post. People openly bid…

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The New World Order

Jasper and Sardine

History is replete with whispers of secret societies. Accounts of elders or priests who guarded the forbidden knowledge of ancient peoples. Prominent men, meeting in secret, who directed the course of civilization are recorded in the writings of all people.
The oldest is the Brotherhood of the Snake, also called the Brotherhood of the Dragon, and it still exists under many different names. It is clear that religion has always played a significant role in the course of these organizations. Communication with a higher source, often divine, is a familiar claim in all but a few.

Image result for milton william cooper
The secrets of these groups are thought to be so profound that only a chosen, well-educated few are able to understand and use them. These men use their special knowledge for the benefit of all mankind. At least that is what they claim. How are we to know, since their knowledge and actions have…

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Who Is Justin Trudeau?

Jasper and Sardine

It marked a turning point in Canada’s relationship with Cuba, but Margaret Trudeau remembers the groundbreaking trip as one in which a dictator melted at the sight of her young baby.

Fidel Castro was immediately taken with four-month-old Michel when he arrived with his parents in 1976, Margaret Trudeau remembers. The Ottawa Citizen

It marked a turning point in Canada’s relationship with Cuba, but Margaret Trudeau remembers the groundbreaking trip as one in which a dictator melted at the sight of her young baby.

In some of the photos of Pierre Trudeau’s closely followed 1976 trip to Cuba with Margaret and four-month-old Michel, Fidel Castro had a telltale stain on the front of his uniform, she remembers with a laugh.

“Fidel made it clear in his opening remarks that the parents were important but not nearly as important as the baby. In some pictures…

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