Dog Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Jasper and Sardine

 A Pomeranian dog has tested positive for the coronavirus after contracting the disease from its owner

THE PET dog of a coronavirus patient has tested positive for the deadly disease.

The owner of the dog, Yvonne Chow Hau Yee, who lives in Hong Kong with her beloved Pomeranian, tested her pet pooch after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

The dog has been quarantined by officials, suggesting they have concerns that the pet could pass on the disease.

If confirmed, the Pomeranian would mark the first case of coronavirus in a pet animal, as infected numbers topped 82,000 worldwide.

The pooch was collected from its owner’s home on Wednesday, after the woman was diagnosed with COVID-19 and placed in a hospital isolation ward.

A department spokesperson confirmed the Pomeranian’s “nasal and oral cavity samples were tested weak positive to COVID-19 virus,” however did not explain why they tested the animal in the first place.

The spokesperson added: “At present, the AFCD [Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department] does not…

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COVID-19/Coronavirus ‘Far More Likely To Bond To Human Cells’ Thanks to HIV-Like Mutation

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Scientists say the new coronavirus may be significantly different from Sars. Photo: AP

The new coronavirus has an HIV-like mutation that means its ability to bind with human cells could be up to 1,000 times as strong as the Sars virus, according to new research by scientists in China and Europe.

The discovery could help to explain not only how the infection has spread but also where it came from and how best to fight it.

Scientists showed that Sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome) entered the human body by binding with a receptor protein called ACE2 on a cell membrane. And some early studies suggested that the new coronavirus, which shares about 80 per cent of the genetic structure of Sars, might follow a similar path.

But the ACE2 protein does not exist in large quantities in healthy people, and this partly helped to limit the scale of the Sars outbreak of 2002-03, in which infected about 8,000 people around the world.


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Coronavirus And Bible Prophecy

Eyes To See: 10 Plagues Hitting Earth Simultaneously

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All of a sudden, really crazy things are starting to happen all over the world.  Giant swarms of locusts are absolutely devastating entire regions, extremely unusual storms are confounding meteorologists, earthquake and volcanic activity are both on the rise, and five very dangerous diseases are sweeping across the globe.  So far in 2020, it has just been one thing after another, and many are speculating about what could be ahead if events continue to escalate.  The other day my wife mentioned that one of her friends suggested that I should put together a list of all the weird stuff that has been taking place, and so that is what I have decided to do.  The following is a list of 10 plagues that are hitting our planet simultaneously…

#1 Armies Of Locusts – As I detailed the other day, swarms of locusts the size of major cities have been…

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Can’t Keep Up: China Ships 40 Incinerators To Wuhan

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Chinese media reports that the furnaces have been shipped to the city amid ongoing fears the death toll is being covered up.

NTD reports that the cabins are for the disposal of animal carcasses, while China Ship news reports the incinerators are for medical waste.

Wuhan has been at the centre of the global epidemic which has infected more than 75,000 people and killed more than 2,000.

It is believed the virus spread from bats to other animals in the so-called “wet markets” in the city before being passed to humans.

Sources quoted in Chinese media raise questions over whether or not the incinerators are for animals, or will be used to dispose of human remains.

Mobile incinerators deployed to Wuhan (Image: Weibo)

The mobile incinerators can reportedly destroy up to five tons of waste every single day – and can burn its load in as little as two seconds.

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